Dasul Kim

Wheel of Jjik (2021)

The self has been expanded onto the virtual realm. We encounter virtual counterparts every day. I observe virtual beings through the human notion of empathy. The expanding uncertainty about the boundaries of human existence presents the possibility that virtuality and physicality are becoming equally important. Furthermore, I find similarities between human laborers under a power structure and cloned and controlled virtual beings. I postulate that those who have lost their free will to be the new virtual laborer class.

My interdisciplinary art practice is an attempt to console non-human entities by projecting human sadness onto them. My web-based multimedia artwork spans poetry, augmented reality, and other means of expression. The goal of this line of practice is to mediate the real and the virtual. I investigate existence, self, connected minds, capital, class, and their relationships to technology, posing questions about capitalism, human, and technology.

Dasul Kim

Dasul Kim is an artist based in Seoul and Los Angeles. Her works reflect her interest in the underlying ideologies that govern and shape human ecology. Her recent works are reactions to the consequences of our post-digital world. The potential of the ‘tangible virtual,’ the ‘closer virtual,’ and the ‘warm virtual’ reflect the human desire to make tangible our virtual world. This agenda opens up the potential of traditional media art into a new form of expanded sculpture.

Dasul Kim holds a BFA in Sculpture and Art History and an MFA in Sculpture from Ewha Womans University. She is also working towards her MFA in Design | Media Arts at UCLA.