Dasul Kim

[1]: Null Series
– Null Bree, the Best Dancer
– Null World
[2]: Who’s the Most Pitiful One in the World?
[3]: Memo 1~3

[1] Null Series

A conversation with Artificial Intelligence about what defines human beings inspired me. I was lead to contemplate the ontology of virtual beings’ identity. From an oceanic feeling or Buddhist perspective, I feel an emotional bond with them, feel maternal love for them, and considers them as lost children who reflect sadness towards our society.

This project originally planned to project two videos and a VR streaming on three walls. The videos, which were planned to be projected on two facing walls, reflect the thoughts of Bree living in the middle world. The middle world is the world underwater where virtual beings live. They are our shadows and parts of society. They dance as we want. You can experience the floating simulator that has been replaced by WebGL.

1) Null Bree, the Best Dancer (2020), Video, 5 min 58 sec

Video 1
Video 2

2) Null World (2020), Floating simulator

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This is a mini-game that gives you a sense of the relationship between things and us who are put in a similar position. Also, through verbal shifters, I wanted to express the idea of embracing things and seeing all as one.

Game Link

[3] Memo 1~3 (2020), Webpage

Some notes about what I felt and thought.

Webpage Link

The Artist

Dasul Kim (She/Her)

Dasul Kim highlights the duality of capitalism as a monstrous detriment to this relationship between people and nature. The artist equips herself with multiple mediums, such as text, sound, performance, and installations to convincingly express her interests. For her practice, the element of chance plays a pivotal role in interweaving seemingly irrelevant and spontaneous, yet intimate, elements found in an individual’s life with social discourses. This platform pays homage to the motley black comedy with its emotional absurdity that criticizes society with silliness.

Recently, her works have begun to react to the consequences of our post-digital world, where our reality is being replaced with virtuality due to our rapidly accelerated digital life. The resulting potential of the ’ the ‘closer virtual,’ the ‘humane virtual,’ and the ‘warm virtual’ reflect the human desire to make tangible our virtual world.